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Angels who have gone beyond normal volunteer services

Best Angel in a Juice Cart Role: Jolly Sahu
Best Angel for Home Patient in a Male Role: Sam Simmons & Dean Rybdeck
Best Angel for Home Patient in a Female Role: Yanita Rhode s & Carol Richardson
Best Angel for Versatile Volunteer in a Male Role: Bob Perry
Best Angel for Versatile Volunteer in a Female Role: Colleen Simmons
Best Angel for Inpatient Support in a Male Role: John Gibson
Best Angels in an Administrative Role: Jeanne Till & Mary Clare Hogan
Best Angels in a Supportive Flower Role: Vesta Draper & Lisa Womack
Best Angel in a Committed Bereavement Role: Mary Ann Miller, Catherine Lowrey, & Melissa Bolland
Best Angel in a Versatile Bereavement Role: Cindy Smith
Angels from 2008 who got their wings: Charlotte Robinson, Kathy Hinton, Leo Heller, James Chapman, Cathy Black, Bonnie Zimmerer, Vangie Hughes, Julie Cockqyne, Karen Delatte, Paula Sheen, Linda Young, Danna Shirley, Terri Spuka & Dallas.

Angels from 2008 who won our hearts: Barbara Barnett, Jerry Cauthen, Jim Chastain, Sandy Crook, Jane Cutrer, Becky Davis, Carol Duggar, Norma Fulcher, Susan Halton, Suzanne Hart, Evelyn Hinton, Alice Rice and Dixie Myrick
Angels from 2008 who received their halos: Ella Weston, Bill Kopp, Jinx Carroll, Don Guillory, Helen Anthony, Hobson McGehee, June Stevens, Rebecca Allen, Jo Jones, Bob Jones, Jeanette Prescott, Bob Prescott, Linda Chase and John McGregor.

"I am proud and humbled to be able to call on the wonderful group of volunteers who work bring comfort, dignity and peace to our patients and their families.
I personally feel very honored to be able to work with them and call them my friends.
Thank you for allowing me to be part of your mission!"
Jeri Flinn, Volunteer Coordinator

Thank you to all the angels who volunteer for Hospice Ministries!

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