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Group like the Shawreth mission group from MC help Hospice Ministries with our beautiful gardens and other special projects. The gardens and projects are completely mangaed by volunteers. If you or your church or mission group would like to know more about our gardens or projects, please call 601-898-1053: 258.
Volunteer Happenings

Shawreth Mission
Group from Mississippi College

The Shawreth mission group form MC graced us with their undying spirit and generousity of help in our gardens several times this past year. For their end of the year mission outing they came with sister mission Group Kissimee.

Shawreth’s purpose is to be a tool in God’s hand to mold and to sharpen young men into faithful servants and disciples of Jesus Christ. Ultimately, Shawreth is an opportunity for guys of all kinds to become seekers of God, lovers of God, and servants of God.

cleaning out guttersAndrew Wilson, Drake Terry, Cody Shumaker were busy cleaning out the gutters that were left from the last itme the Shawreth group had come to help with the projects at Hospice Ministries.

cutting limbs from treesTaylor Landey,
Tyler Normand and Justin Hopkins cut limbs off a tree behind the building.

carrying off limbsElliott Taylor, Tyler Griffing, Julianna Asbill,Walker Mason, Hank Williams, Josh DuBois, A.J. Johnson, Marlie Brasseur, Melody Williams and Elizabeth Bailey carried off cut off limbs.

cutting grassMadison Burgess, Elaine Everett, Drew Williams, Lizzy Bailey, Melanie McCoy, and Mary Heater trimm back the Pompass grass.

weeding beds
Anna Briggs, Nikki Rhen,Mary Beth Davis, Matt Coleman,Sarah Grantham, Patrick McDavid, Ben Jenkins, Carolina Holbrook weede flower beds.

Thank You to all of the wonderful students from Mississippi College who help us with so many of outdoor projects.
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